All photography provided by Hurtado Brothers

Thinking about the atmosphere and harmony that you live when you are in a clean house is the task that have been given the Hurtado Brothers to meet the needs of their customers in assisting them in cleaning & maintaining their carpets and furniture. Giving them the option to choose the right time for their sites according to the needs of each client, as family we know the economic needs that are presented, so we always keep our prices affordable for everyone. Always with the best disposition in, our Work and fulfillment of this, respect and honesty, for the business that has been established since 1983 always in family. Being the 3rd generation.

Our Mission

Our goal has a company is to clean clean carpets and have happy customers that can refer and rely on us to be responsible and trustworthy,  and  also learn from our mistakes so we can improve and can lead us to better and greater things

We Don’t Cut Coner’s We Clean Them
— Hurtado